My Mom , My Hero

ImageMy Mom, My Hero

My hero is the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I doubt she will ever be beaten in that category. She is just amazing in all her ways. If there is one person I can say who prays for me every day unfailingly it’s my mom. I love this woman with a passion…All right let me give you a little bio about this hero; Agnes better known as my mother.

Every morning at the Center for Rehabilitation for Handicaps, Yaoundé, Cameroon a huge crowd will gather in front of room 112 waiting for a massage. Surprising that was not the only room where you could get a massage, but everyone wanted a massage by Agie’s angelic hands.

Agie, is a handicap. She lost her sight one year later after giving to birth to a beautiful girl. However, she doesn’t act as though she is, and she certainly does not want to be treated in any special way. The fact is, most handicaps do not appreciate being treated in a way different from anyone else. They just want to be accepted as human beings.

This all began when she was a nurse at the Limbe General hospital, Yaounde, Cameroon. She woke up one day and found out that left eye had turned red. She immediately consulted a doctor who prescribed some medications. But still, it did not help, she was later diagnosed to have a cataract and before she knew it, she was scheduled for an operation in Paris. Seems the operation instead made things worse and Agie lost her left sight. A few months later after another operation in London, she also lost her right eye. This is where the journey of her life began.

It was hard to believe that in a twinkle of an eye she lost both sights. But that did not hinder her from achieving her objectives. Unlike some handicaps that hold on to their situation, Mom obtained training in massage therapy and she was later transferred to the Center for Rehabilitation for Handicaps, Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Her energetic nature is evident; she was the president of the Blind Woman in Cameroon for over 4 years. Through this post, she empowered and encouraged blind women to come out of their comfort zone, and not to hold on to their situation. More so, through the organization she has traveled overseas as a guest speaker to attend seminars with other handicaps of the world. She has brought in initiative and creative projects for the woman.

Although many people will find it difficult to stay in a cheerful and motivated mindset all the time, mom seems to manage effortless. Every patient who came by her room for a massage, even in a bad mood left the room joyful. At the end of her shift she had made it a duty to go around the hospital, with her white cane to say hi to her colleagues and wish them a save trip back home.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful role model while growing up. My mom’s perseverance and strength have influenced my life. She has taught me that no matter what a person’s physical condition is, it is how he or she mentally and emotionally handles the situation that counts. She has also thought me never to give up on life, as she will always says “If there is life, there is hope” no obstacle should stand on your way, even though as humans we will also have obstacles but we should learn to surmount them. I Love you mom, and I am praying every day that God will perform a miracle in your life.

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